Intelligent Property Investment Advice

PIR Commercial has over 20 years’ experience of working with our clients to make solid investments in the Property Sector. We are constantly exposed to new opportunities in varying aspect of the property industry. Types of Investments our clients have been exposed to include:

Direct Commercial Property Investment

We act on your behalf to identify and secure quality assets to either start or add to your portfolio

Property Syndicate

This indirect investment into an individual asset or a diversified portfolio is a solid way to grow your property wealth

Property Development

We have secured and developed land to either retain as a cash generating asset or to achieve capital returns for our investors

Owner Occupiers

We have helped purchase and structure owner occupier’s so they get the most out of their commercial occupancy

PIR Commercial leverages of 20 years experience to identify, purchase and manage our investors assets. We handle the following steps in commercial asset investments:

  • 1. Identification

    Utilising our extensive real estate network to see deal first

  • 2. Due Diligence

    Comprehensive review of the asset including analysis of the lease, valuation, tenant and building

  • 3. Purchase

    Assist with the correct legal and funding structure to optimise returns

  • 4. Asset Management

    We operate with the latest software and processes to properly manage the